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Lovely Merry Christmas wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

Lovely Merry Christmas wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

Lovely Merry Christmas wishes for Ex-Girlfriend – 

  •  “I know your heart has a new owner now and I am glad for you. A Merry Christmas for both of you. I sincerely hope you both are happy”.
  • “I know I cannot kiss you anymore, but at least accept this greeting. Merry Christmas”.
  • “Time has made me forget the pain of the breakup, so my best wishes for you this Christmas. Have a good
  • time”.
  •  “Our love is no more, but I will never be able to forget you. On special days like this one I wish you a lot of happiness. Have a Merry Christmas”.
  • “I spent a Christmas with you and I loved it. Although I do not have your love anymore, I want to give you some of mine on this day to wish you a Merry Christmas”.
  • We hope you liked these Christmas words for a former love. Remember: it is not wrong to wish your ex a Merry Christmas, but it is wrong to want to but not have the courage to actually do it.

Christmas Messages For Ex-Girlfriend

  • Our relationship may be done and ended on a horrible note, but I will always have a special and particular place in my heart for you. Merry Christmas to my ex-wife.
  • After we split up, I pledged I didn’t want to speak to you again, but at the Christmas festival, I decided to put the past behind me and give you a big hug and send touching Christmas greetings. I still care for you and Merry Christmas ex-girlfriend.
  • Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to my beautiful ex-girlfriend. Despite the fact that you broke my heart, I don’t blame you anymore and I hope you have a marvelous Christmas celebration.
  • I want to live in peace with everyone since today is such a great day. I hope you no longer hate me. I honestly hope you have a happy Christmas even though I don’t expect you to love me either. Merry Christmas to my ex-love!
  • At 12 o’clock, I will pray lord and heaven of angels to look after you and all of my loved ones. I still wish you a Merry Christmas to my ex-girlfriend even if you no longer care about me. God bless you and your family!
  • Since this day is extremely unique, mesmerizing, and awaited, I hope you have a great Christmas celebration with your loved ones though we don’t care about each other anymore. Merry Christmas, ex-girlfriend!
  • At Christmas, I often reflect on the happy occasions in my life, and many of them include you. This Christmas, I wish you a wonderful life ahead. Merry Christmas to my ex-lover!
  • My heart needs to communicate to you, but my head wants to ignore you. I want to wish you a happy Christmas and let you know that your sweet memories will always be alive in my life.
  • It is better to be friendly strangers than to be arch rivals with a deep love history. Merry Christmas to you and your family, ex-girlfriend!

Some Cute Christmas Greetings For A Former Love

  • “Today is such a beautiful day that I want to be at peace with everybody. I hope you do not hate me anymore. I do not expect you to love me either, but I do honestly hope you have a merry Christmas.”
  • “Merry Christmas. Although you tore my heart to pieces I do not blame you. It is simply over.”
  • “At midnight I will ask heaven to take care of all my loved ones and you. Although you do not love me anymore, I still wish you a merry Christmas.”
  • “Our love may be over, but the special affection in my heart for you will never vanish. Have a merry Christmas.”
  • “I did not want to talk to you again after we broke up, but on Christmas, I forget bad things and I send you a big hug. Merry Christmas.”
  • “Good wishes for my sweet ex-girlfriend with love. For a beautiful lady like you with so much love for me, I send roses to make your day brighter and sweeter forever.”
  • “Dear ex-girlfriend, we had a special time the moments we were together and I wish to relive them again today till forever with your love. I send beautiful flowers to make you feel good.”
  • “To dear ex-girlfriend, you are the most special person I had in my life and I wish you to remain the same forever with me. I send gifts for you and hope you will love them.”
  • “Our love over the years has developed into the beautiful relationship we had and I wish to continue that sweeter times again with you dear girlfriend. I send my love and flowers for you.”
  • “For my ex-girlfriend, my love for you has grown over time to make each moment special and beautiful. It is your love which has done this and I send gifts for you with the wishes.”

New Year Wishes and Messages for My Ex-Boyfriend

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