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Signs You Should Not Break up

Signs You Should Not Break up

Signs You Should Not Break up – 

At some point in every relationship, you want to break up for some reason, but one funny thing is most people regret it afterward, now how do you avoid making a bad decision? you have to read this article till the end to get more closure on Signs You Should Not Break up.

You aren’t sure if they are right for you

When you start thinking of breaking up simply because you think they are not the right one for you then you should reconsider, most times at some point you will feel that way, but you should constantly remind yourself why you got with them at the first place, what you love about them, etc.

Deep Emotional Connection

A good relationship is built on connections, if you and your partner have a deep connection then you should reconsider the thought of breaking up because lots of regrets will set in later on

You get into fights, but only about little stuff

When I say fights I mean arguments, not physical fights, if you guys are always physically fighting then you should end it before someone gets hurt, but if you guys fight over little stuff and you want to break up you should know that all couples get into fights and arguments.

You Still Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Enjoying one’s company is common with friends too but the feeling of enjoying a partner’s company and presence is much more heartwarming, if you still enjoy each other’s company then you should reconsider breaking up.

 You care about them

You care about your partner and you want to break up? nah I smell loads of regret later on, if you care about your partner this is one of the good signs you love someone, and if you don’t care about most things they do then you don’t need to break up.

Excellent Communication

If you communicate well with your partner, which is essential for a good relationship, then there is a high chance for the issue leading to the thought of breaking up being resolved, communicate with your partner and resolve the issue.

You both stay respectful when you fight

This is so rare, the fact that all partners fight doesn’t mean disrespect should seep in, if you fight with your partner and there’s no yelling or name callings then you definitely want to save that relationship.

You Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

This is a sign of deep connection, before making that decision imagine life without them, if it doesn’t sit well with you then you should reconsider especially if that partner is a good person.

You are in your head about every little thing

This is where communication seeps in, you shouldn’t overthink everything, if at some point you start doubting the relationship, it’s best to communicate with your partner and get closure.

Shared Values and aims

If you have the same values and aims as your partner this is a good cause to stay together, this means you will understand each other more, and be able to resolve any differences.

In conclusion

Relationships are bitter-sweet, there is a nice side and an ugly side, it takes patience, understanding a whole lot of other good attributes to make a nice relationship, if you are not handling it well you will want to breakup with your partner at any slightest inconvenience, and end up with regrets, all those reasons above shouldn’t justify and keep you in toxic relationship, it s meant to be considered if you are in a healthy one.

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