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Apply for the SIS Foundation Primary School Scholarship

Apply for the SIS Foundation Primary School Scholarship

Apply for the SIS Foundation Primary School Scholarship-

Scholarships in Nigeria are funds given to students to take care of the finance of their education. A student with a scholarship gets their school fees from their sponsors.

Getting a scholarship is the dream of every student or parent in Nigeria. The reason is that it takes away the financial obligations to attend school.

Students with a scholarship can focus on their academics without worrying about how to pay their school fees or buy books.

Some students in Nigeria are privileged to get scholarships from Primary school to Secondary school and university.

This post contains primary school scholarship opportunities available for pupils in Nigeria.

The 2017 SIS Primary School Scholarshipp applications runs from February 22 2017 to April 26 2017. Please ensure you have the following the documents, which should be submitted seperately by email to:

A valid Government-issued identity (ID) document (e.g. an International Travel Passport) .

Applicants who are below the age of 18 years and are unable to apply for a government ID can submit a birth certificate.

An official letter from your school (Head Teacher) stating the following: Your full name, Gender, Home Address, name of your parent(s)/ guardian(s)

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A recent passport photograph

Note that originals of all the submitted documents will need to be viewed during the interview, which will only be attended by successful candidates.

Also, ensure,

1. You are between the age of 5-13 years,

2. A citizen of Nigeria

3. Be willing to change school if necessary or as deemed fit by the foundation

4.If you are currently in school, your current academic performance would be considered

5. You must be from a family who would benefit from the assistance of te foundation

6. Seriousness of the candidate towards academic excellence would also be considered in the decision making process When you are ready, simply continue below to commence an online application.


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