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Slang for “friends with benefits”

Slang for

Slang for “friends with benefits” – 

  • insignificant other – Friend with benefits.
  • relationship – more than a mutual understanding!!
  • n.s.a.f. – No Strings Attached Fu*kfighting crime
  • ofwb – Online Friends with benefits
  • fighting crime – when friends have sex, but there is no serious relationship other than friends with benefits
  • Joel – Someone who is an amazing friend but also a great friend with benefits. Enjoys late-night drunk hookups.Has wandering hands.
  • benafriend – A friend you fu*k. (for whatever your reason may be)
  • horsey buddy – Friend with benefits
  • pseudo-boyfriend – Much like a friend with benefits except the benefits go beyond the sexual sphere. The boy becomes attached and wants both emotional and sexual support from you without any commitment.
  • make out buddy – When two people are strictly friends in public, but as soon as they are alone or bored they make out. They are just two friends who hook up, they are not friends with benefits.
  • ladyfriend – Simply put–friends with benefits. A female friend you are sleeping with, whom you do not commit to. Both are cool with this situation.
  • bffwub – Best Friends Forever With Ultra-Benefits: just a (best) friend (forever), who will gladly marry you and have your babies.
  • good terms – when you have a good relationship, but you not going out. “friends with benefits” but not the sexual parts.
  • blomance – A bromance with benefits.
  • friends with detriments – The opposite of friends with benefits. A close friend who relies on you emotionally but there is no physical intimacy Involved.
  • boundary line – The Boundary that you cross when you go from being just friends, to “friends with benefits”
  • friends with minor benefits – a relationship in which two friends participate in non-coital activities usually designated for more intimate relationships without the attached emotional bond.
  • more than friends – plain or good friends with casual sex on the side.
  • fwib – An acronym for friends with benefits or friend with benefits, A hook-up is a friend but there is no relationship, and once the hook-up is over everything is back to normal.
  • friends with costs – The opposite of friends with benefits, friends with costs incur a negative benefit (a cost) on whoever they are friends with. This could include bothering you from time to time for favors or money.
  • rwb –  Roommate with benefits. Similar to FWB (friends with benefits) but it’s between roommates rather than friends living in separate places. Fuck buddies that live in the same apartment but in different rooms.
  • plan q – The French version of a friends with benefits arrangement.
  • slam piece – That girl you are really good friends with and casually have sex with. She is your friend with benefits and is cool enough to see nothing wrong with that. They are down to hang out and get down and dirty.
  • frienefit –  friend with benefits
  • ex with benefits – This term refers to a former spouse in which the person speaking declares that they still have a sexual relationship after the divorce. This is a spin-off from Friends with Benefits.
  • baebro – Your bae who is also a bro, also known as “friends with benefits”friends only

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