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Reasons Behind Dreaming About an Ex

Reasons Behind Dreaming About an Ex

Reasons Behind Dreaming About an Ex – 

It is so normal to dream about your ex and you are not the only one on this table, many factors and reasons can lead to this and you need to know them to tackle it. Below are a few reasons why you experience this:

Unresolved Emotions

Before the breakup maybe there were unresolved feelings that kept troubling you, when you keep thinking about it your brain becomes accustomed to the ex, and you think about them before sleeping because of some unresolved feeling then surely you will see your ex in your dreams, you can stop the dreams by resolving those feelings and be at peace.

Past Trauma

If you have a past relationship trauma with your ex, you are bound to dream about the ex, all the stressful emotions and traumatic feelings you experience during the day can affect your sleep and what you dream therefore, seeing your ex in dreams, this trauma can be from the abuse and fear, grief over death and so on.

If it’s a recent ex

It’s not a surprise if you dream about a recent ex, I mean a few days ago you guys were all lovey-dovey and days later you are no longer together, your unconsciousness might be in denial about the whole situation and you might end up dreaming.

Emotional Healing

Most dreams are a result of emotional healing, the dreams help you to revisit those memories, and learn and heal from them, once your healing phase is over the dreams tend to stop because you have moved on and healed.

Recently Seeing Your Ex

Be it on social media, or seeing them physically the thought of them will be triggered back fresh into your memory and thoughts which could make you end up dreaming about them.

If you miss them or they miss you

You tend to dream about people you miss a lot, and vice versa, you think about people you miss a lot and people who miss you and this will make you dream about them.

Finding Forgiveness

After a difficult breakup in which you find yourself not forgiving your ex, you dream about them when your spirit intends to forgive them, so if you keep dreaming of an ex which you are undecisive about forgiving or not then this is a cue that you want to forgive them.

Your Ex Symbolizes Something Else

Dreams about your ex often represent symbolic representations, let’s say you are undergoing lots of stress and frustration in your life and most of your memories with your ex were full of frustrations and stress this is the cause, and other things as trauma too.

If you want them back or they want you back

Most times you think about your ex when you want to get back together with them and vice versa.

Ready for a New Relationship

Not all dreams about your ex should be declared you missing them or something, sometimes it means you are ready to be ina new relationship.

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